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With the hundreds of fun runs, Zumba classes, and diet food delivery options available to us today, you just know that Filipinos have really begun putting a premium on health and fitness.

To help you out on your journey towards wellness, here are 5 books that talks about health in a variety of aspects — from food, to beauty, to sports, and even local traditions.


1. YSG! Young, Sexy & Gorgeous! Joyce Peñas Pilarsky (2012)

This is a book that ties beauty and youthfulness with health. Pilarsky believes that beauty is the manifestation of one’s health, which is why she provides tips on how to care for one’s self, mind, character and soul. Meant for women beyond the age of 40, the book contains natural beauty secrets, easy-to-do recipes and a guide for staying healthy and youthful inside and out. The proceeds of the sales of this book go to the Gintong Palad Balikatan, Inc. in the Philippines and the Joycelyn & Gunther Pilarsky Foundation in Germany.


2. My Daily Race: My Life as a Senator, Mom and Triathlete by Senator Pia S. Cayetano (2011)

My Daily Race is Sen. Cayetano’s autobiographical book that tells us that there’s always time for recreational activities like sports — even when you’re a full-time mother and a senator. Throughout the chapters, Cayetano shares stories not only about her family and political lives but also about her athletic passion, which inspired many of her advocacies. Just like the Senator, this book balances appreciation for health, the environment and women empowerment.


global-filipino-cuisine3. Global Filipino Cuisine: Healthy Recipes by Ofelia V. Dirige, Riz Oades, and Aurora S. Cudal (2009)

While originally designed to encourage healthy eating among Filipino-Americans, this book can also be just as relevant to everyone. Since Filipino dishes are usually cooked with a lot of salt, sugar, and sources of cholesterol, the authors realized the need to introduce the concept of healthy cooking. This 200-page book contains 100 recipes of Filipino dishes taken from Filipino-American chefs, restaurant owners, Healthy Eating Campaign Advocates, and dietitians from the FilAm Dietetic Association. It provides instructions on preparing Filipino dishes with lower amounts of salt, cholesterol, sugar and fat, while still maintaining the authentic taste of the Filipino dish. Aside from this, it also contains guidelines on how to choose which foods and ingredients to buy or eat when dining out.


wellness on the islands

4. Wellness on the Islands: The Philippine Spa Experience by Elizabeth Reyes (2009)

Reyes’s book serves two functions: an aesthetic directory containing the names and locations of the greatest spas in the Philippines, and an insight into the history of the spa culture in the Philippines. Reyes shares the importance of nature and Filipino cultural traditions in health and wellness, and gives an overview on the effects of practices such as the use of herbal healing, natural ingredients, meditation, the Filipino power touch therapy or ‘hilot,’ and even the trend of eating organic food. It concentrates on the Filipino method of holistic healing and how these treatments are effectively integrated into modern spas.


gabay sa kalusugan

5. Gabay sa Pagsasalaysay sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya by Dr. Gary Sy (2003)

This is a medical book that revolves around the concept of family history and its implications on one’s health. It provides guidelines on what one should know about his family’s history, such as common sicknesses in the family, food that the family eats and the environment and culture that they live in. These information, among many others, can help one understand how he can make decisions in the future that will keep him and his family strong and healthy.

Written by Eric Yalung, MD

Eric Yalung, MD

Regenestem Manila’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Yalung, is a prominent cosmetic surgeon with more than a decades experience in the field. Driven by a genuine desire to help people and an unwavering passion to learn, he has added yet more expertise to his name and is now one of the country’s few specialists in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Dr. Yalung has served as consultant, board member, and trainor in various medical clinics and institutes in the country. Before partnering with Global Stem Cells Group for the establishment of Asia’s very first Regenestem clinic, he was also a consultant at Regenestem USA in Miami, Florida. Through Regenestem Manila, Dr. Yalung hopes to take his advocacy of stem cell medicine, research and practice in the Philippines to the next level.

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