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Dr. Winifredo S. Tiangco is a renaissance man in the medical profession as a specialist in a variety of fields including ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery, Stem Cell Medicine, and Medical Acupuncture. Regenestem Manila banks on his 15 outstanding years as a physician, surgeon, and consultant in some of the most respected hospitals and medical agencies here and abroad.

They say that you can’t avoid the ailments that come with old age, one of which is Arthritis. But we would like to think otherwise. With the proper diet and lifestyle and the right mindset, anyone can get around to aging without a compromise to your health. Inflammation is a natural immune response to help…

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While the cure for arthritis pain continues to be studied and pioneered in stem cell research and development, a simple exercise regime can go a long way in dealing with arthritis pain. A study by Dr. Sara Wilcox of the Department of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina reveal that a three-hours-a-week exercise…

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We associate the holidays with abundance: gifts, laughter, reunions and most especially, food. In every party and get-together, rich, fatty foods that we usually avoid are laid out for everyone to indulge in. It’s not called a holiday feast for nothing. This is a time to be merry and enjoy the company of loved ones…

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A research team led by Dr. Naoki Nakayama from the University of Texas Health Science Centre in the US has developed an innovative and surprisingly simple technique of generating cells that can re-grow into damage cartilage and even bone. This medical breakthrough offers hope for people suffering from degenerative joint conditions like arthritis.

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Are you becoming forgetful lately? These are warning signs that you can be a candidate for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dodge this disorder early on as we tell you what you should be eating to prevent it.

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Normally, people would associate hearing loss to elderly people. While the chances are higher when one gets older, anyone may have hearing loss if symptoms are not identified earlier. In this post we will help you identify the signs that shows you just might be losing your hearing.

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A new stem cell operation trial at Southampton General Hospital in the UK has the great potential to revolutionize treatment of knee injuries that can extend sports careers of athletes.

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Several studies have shown that with the help of stem cells, hearing aids and cochlear implants would no longer be needed to treat hearing loss as restoring hearing might be possible. While hearing aids and cochlear implants provide good recovery of hearing function, this amazing development of restoring damaged cochlea biologically has the great potential…

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Stem cell therapy is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the field of medicine. Since it’s fairly new, booming in the mid-2000s, only a portion of its vast field has been explored. What has been researched and tested yielded many promising results but there are also findings that have come out that are…

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Stem cells could be five times more effective in treating people with life-threatening heart diseases than conventional drugs

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2616382/Stem-cell-jab-five-times-better-drugs-treating-people-life-threatening-heart-conditions

Stem cells could be five times more effective in treating people with life-threatening heart diseases than conventional drugs. A study involving more than 1,000 sufferers of chronic heart disease indicated that injecting stem cells into the heart can significantly increase survival rates after a year. It found that those who underwent the treatment were less…

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