Information about fitness and health wellness abound online. What people gravitate towards though are inspirational stories of people who have successfully transitioned to a healthier lifestyle. The Internet is full of these success stories shared by people through their own blogs. These blogs not only provide readers with useful information but also motivate them to live their own health and fitness journey.

Here’s 5 of the most influential Filipino health bloggers who will inspire you to be a healthier you:

1. Maria Fatima Villena of the

This lady, also known as Jofti, is a health journalist, activist and a wellness and fitness writer, who has worked in the health industry for years. Her site was created out of her commitment to start living a healthier lifestyle. Though not a medical practitioner, she took charge of her health and aspires to help Filipinos do the same by giving them access to health information on her site.

Aside from sharing her health journey, Jofti also writes about public health, health campaigns, environmental health and health updates.  She even has a health resources page which lists down health institutions, practitioners, healthy restaurants, recipes and more.

2. Jane Uymatiao of The Yogini from Manila

Jane started practicing yoga back when there were only a few practitioners in the country. In 2014, she got her certification as a yin yoga instructor and shares her journey as a yogini in her blog. Although her blog’s main focus is yoga, she also writes about nutrition, body energy and traditional Chinese medicine.

If you’re looking for a yoga studio where you can start your practice, you can most likely find one from this blog as Jane shares a list of studios from all over the country. Readers can also benefit from her reviews on yoga and health books and other related products.

3. Dr. Stef dela Cruz of

Stef is both a licensed nurse and doctor who graduated Cum Laude in both degrees at the University of Sto. Tomas. Aside from her success in medicine, she has also taken her love for the written word to launch another career as a writer. She has written several health articles for a variety of newspapers and magazines. It is through this career that she is able to spread awareness about cancer, which is her advocacy.

From Stef’s blog, you can read about her experiences as a doctor blogger as well as about health updates and her insights on a wide variety of other health-related issues.

4. Jaymie Pizarro of The Bull Runner

Who hasn’t heard of Jaymie Pizarro? She’s one of the most popular female runners in the country today. This mom of two only started from walking on her treadmill in 2006 to joining and winning marathons, thus earning her the title of The Bull Runner.

Jaymie shares her passion for running in her blog. Not only does she share updates on various races, she also writes about health and wellness, therapy and injury, healthy food recipes, among others.

5. Arnold Zafra of

If running is your thing but prefer a male perspective then Arnold Zafra’s blog is for you. He only started running a few years ago with his wife, just for fun. Since then, he has already joined marathons and documents his running adventures on his blog. He also shares news about running events, gear, nutrition, training plans and more.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is definitely something everybody should aspire to do. If you need a little motivation, read these blogs in order to get that dose of inspiration to get you started.

Written by Eric Yalung, MD

Eric Yalung, MD

Regenestem Manila’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Yalung, is a prominent cosmetic surgeon with more than a decades experience in the field. Driven by a genuine desire to help people and an unwavering passion to learn, he has added yet more expertise to his name and is now one of the country’s few specialists in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Dr. Yalung has served as consultant, board member, and trainor in various medical clinics and institutes in the country. Before partnering with Global Stem Cells Group for the establishment of Asia’s very first Regenestem clinic, he was also a consultant at Regenestem USA in Miami, Florida. Through Regenestem Manila, Dr. Yalung hopes to take his advocacy of stem cell medicine, research and practice in the Philippines to the next level.

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