When a woman goes through her menopausal period, one of the things she would whine about is having a hot flash. About 70% of women experience hot flashes, and some more likely than others because of their weight, ethnicity, diet and lifestyle.

Those who have felt hot flashes reported that they had a sudden surge of intense heat in the face, neck and chest which also would appear reddish. A tingling sensation is also felt in the fingers. Normally, this lasts for 30 seconds to a few minutes which may happen once or several times a day, and accompanied by excessive sweating and racing heart rate. Hot flashes can be very bothersome especially when one is sleeping as it commonly happens at night time.

Since the shifting estrogen levels causes hot flashes because of the transition the body is going through at menopause, it disrupts its natural ability to stabilize temperature. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that what women eat have a direct correlation with hot flashes. Hence, what you consume now may help avoid hot flashes in the future.

So here is a list of the foods that you should be eating to prevent this awful menopause symptom:

 1. Foods with good cholesterol and essential fatty acids

Since, hot flashes are caused by rapid hormonal transition in the body, including foods with good cholesterol and essential fatty acids in your meals can help provide the balance in your hormones. Spruce up your daily meals with olive oil, berries, kale, nuts, or those that are high in Omega-3 (normally found in fatty fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel) and Omega-6 (such as corn, sesame, and sunflower seeds).

2. Protein-rich foods

To boost your diet with protein-rich foods, you may choose any one from this list and experiment with different dishes every day. Phytoestrogen (a plant-derived estrogen) is one of the known treatments for hot flashes, and non-GMO soy foods are filled with this which is a natural estrogen replacement. Other foods with phytoestrogen are nuts, legumes, flax seeds, and lentils. Protein helps our bodies regenerate and produce hormones, which may lessen, if not totally eradicate your chances of experiencing a hot flash.

3. Various fruits and vegetables

Because of the fiber that is present in most fruits and veggies, it helps clean the digestive system which in turn allows our bodies to absorb more nutrients, metabolize reproductive hormones and stabilize insulin. It also contains phytochemicals that include antioxidant properties, vital to aid the body to counter effects of menopause such as hot flashes. Explore the wide range of fruits and vegetables and try different ways to take them—eat them raw, cook with it, throw it in your salads, juice it or make smoothies—be creative! Increase your fruit and vegetable intake to provide you with varied yet distinct nutrients your body needs to keep hot flashes at bay.

4. Water

Well, you practically do not eat water, but hydrating yourself can definitely help your body cooldown especially when you start to feel hot flashes. Aside from relieving the heat by splashing water on yourself, it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water at the onset of a hot flash. So make sure you have a jug for hydration when you’re out and a pitcher of H2O at your bedside for when those hot flashes strike at night.

Now that you know the right foods to eat, it is also important that you understand which ones to keep away from. Such are spicy foods,  high in sugar,  and drinks that are caffeinated and alcoholic because they will aggravate this symptom. Give your bodies a big favor by being more mindful of what you eat. So do not fear the inescapable menopause, with proper nourishment, it will be likely that you can avoid hot flashes before it begins.

Written by Anna Yalung, MD

Anna Yalung, MD

Regenestem Manila’s Head Dermatologist Anna Yalung, MD is an accomplished physician with more than ten years of experience in providing excellent skin care, treatment, and on-point diagnosis to patients here and abroad.Just like her husband, Dr. Eric Yalung, Dra. Yalung does not stop finding and adapting new methods and technology that can enhance the services she provides to her clients. One such example is her foray into cell-based anti-aging medicine.Honed in this new development through several intensive trainings abroad, Dra. Yalung is ready to add more expertise to Regenestem Manila’s already packed portfolio of services.Her mission — to make people feel happy in their own skin, in the easiest and most effective way.

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