Eric Yalung, MD

Stem Cell Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery

Regenestem Manila’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Yalung, is a prominent cosmetic surgeon with more than a decades experience in the field.

Driven by a genuine desire to help people and an unwavering passion to learn, he has added yet more expertise to his name and is now one of the country’s few specialists in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Yalung has served as consultant, board member, and trainor in various medical clinics and institutes in the country. Before partnering with Global Stem Cells Group for the establishment of Asia’s very first Regenestem clinic, he was also a consultant at Regenestem USA in Miami, Florida.

Through Regenestem Manila, Dr. Yalung hopes to take his advocacy of stem cell medicine, research and practice in the Philippines to the next level.

Anna Yalung, MD


Regenestem Manila’s Head Dermatologist Anna Yalung, MD is an accomplished physician with more than ten years of experience in providing excellent skin care, treatment, and on-point diagnosis to patients here and abroad.Just like her husband, Dr. Eric Yalung, Dra. Yalung does not stop finding and adapting new methods and technology that can enhance the services she provides to her clients. One such example is her foray into cell-based anti-aging medicine.Honed in this new development through several intensive trainings abroad, Dra. Yalung is ready to add more expertise to Regenestem Manila’s already packed portfolio of services.Her mission --- to make people feel happy in their own skin, in the easiest and most effective way.

Eric A. Salcedo, MD., FPCS

Cosmetic Surgery, Stem Cell Medicine

Dr. Eric A. Salcedo brings into Regenestem Manila a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of Cosmetic Surgery and Stem Cell Medicine.

A medical practitioner for more than 20 years, Dr. Salcedo is well-respected by his peers, well-loved by his patients, and is known for being one of the proponents of Stem Cell Medicine in the Philippines.

Ray Allen Enriquez Sinlao, MD


Dr. Ray Allen Sinlao is the backbone of Regenestem Manila’s Orthopedic Division.

Already an accomplished orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sinlao underwent additional training in the Philippines and Australia to further his knowledge and experience in Sports Medicine, Knee Surgery, and Arthroscopy.

In tune with the clinic’s trailblazing nature, Dr. Sinlao is moving towards incorporating stem cell medicine in Regenestem Manila’s orthopedic programs, especially in treating sports injuries.

Winifredo S. Tiangco, MD

ENT - Facial Plastic Surgery, Stem Cell Medicine, Medical Accupuncture

Dr. Winifredo S. Tiangco is a renaissance man in the medical profession as a specialist in a variety of fields including ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery, Stem Cell Medicine, and Medical Acupuncture.

Regenestem Manila banks on his 15 outstanding years as a physician, surgeon, and consultant in some of the most respected hospitals and medical agencies here and abroad.

Narciso R. Adraneda, JR, MD

Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Narciso R. Adraneda completes Regenestem Manila’s powerhouse Cosmetic Surgery team.

The current president of the professional organization Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Adraneda has compiled a remarkable body of work in his 35 years in medical practice.