Why Regenestem Manila?

We have assembled a substantial and dedicated medical staff of specialists in order to best suit your needs (see our Medical Staff). We only work with certified, trusted professionals, treating patients in our safe, controlled, and state of the art facilities. We are tireless advocates for our patients and ensure that they receive nothing but the best in stem cell medicine.


Once we have assigned the right specialist for your case, we will arrange for an initial consultation over the telephone or the Internet (Skype or similar). We will accommodate your scheduling needs and complete all necessary paperwork and medical requirements at your convenience to ensure that the process is as smooth a possible. Once everything is in order, your trip will be arranged for your requested dates. Patient privacy is our top concern and your information will always be kept safe and confidential.

Travel Arrangements

Once we’ve booked your treatment, we will handle absolutely everything and make the necessary travel arrangements, from booking your return flights to Manila, to arranging your accommodation, transportation, and any tourist activities or sightseeing excursions.


Both our team and your stem cell specialist will work with you to ensure that all follow-up steps and procedures are properly carried out. Whether it’s adopting a new diet or scheduling additional appointments, we will do everything possible to deliver a positive result. At Regenestem, we are with you every step of the way.


Manila is a thriving hub of both modern tourist attractions and a culture full of history, from Intramurous, a 16th Century Spanish Citadel, to Manila Ocean Park, a comprehensive and exciting aquarium and entertainment venue, this vast city has much to offer.
“Equal parts cool and kitsch, and animated with an irrepressible vitality that’s capable of reinvigorating even the most world-weary among us” (TIME Magazine Online, 2014)

The Philippines has a tropical climate and its many islands are renowned for being home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These include El Nido, a coastal town in Palawan and White Beach in Boracay, the most popular holiday destination in the Philippines.

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