Why Regenestem U.S.A?

America is the home of Regenestem and our partners remain at the forefront of stem cell research and training. With world-class facilities and doctors at the head of their field, we are proud to offer our patients the unique opportunity to receive their treatment in the U.S.A.


Once we have assigned the right specialist for your case, we will arrange for an initial consultation here in Manila. After we have communicated with our partners in Florida, and all parties are happy to proceed, we will complete all necessary paperwork at your convenience. Once everything is in order, your trip will be arranged for your requested dates. Patient privacy is our top concern and your information will always be kept safe and confidential.

Travel Arrangements

After booking your appointment, we will handle everything and make the necessary travel arrangements, from booking your return flights to the U.S.A, to arranging your accommodation and transportation.


Both our team and your stem cell specialist will work with you to ensure that all follow-up steps and procedures are properly carried out. This is normally carried out back at Regenestem Manila, though there is always ongoing communication with your specialist at Regenestem Florida. We will do everything possible to deliver a positive result. At Regenestem, we are with you every step of the way.  

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